Borrow & Renew

OneCard or a Community User Library Card</a>

To borrow or renew, you need a OneCard or a Community User Library Card

What Can I Borrow?

Borrow & Renew_Book.pngCirculating Collection

Borrow & Renew_Play.pngMusic & Media

Borrow & Renew_Course_Reserves.pngCourse Reserves

Borrow & Renew_Interlibrary_Loan.pngInterlibrary Loan

Borrow & Renew_Laptop.pngLaptops & Tablets

Borrow & Renew_Graduation_Cap.pngGraduate Study Rooms & Lockers

Borrow & Renew_Calculator.pngEquipment (Chargers, Calculators, Cables, etc.)

Borrow & Renew_Marker.pngStudy Supplies (Whiteboards, Markers/Erasers, etc.)

Where Do I Borrow?

Library Service Desk

Books, course reserves, interlibrary loan items, laptops & tablets, graduate study room keys, music & media, equipment, and study supplies

Not Current Sacramento State Student, Faculty, or Staff?