Library Resource Guide for Users with Disabilities


Item Retrieval

Please call the following:

  • User Services Desk 916 278-6708


  • MultiFunction Devices (MFDs):  MFDs are located on floors 1, 2, and 3 of the Library. To accommodate wheelchair users, the MFDs and OneCard units are located at a reachable level.
  • User Services: Users with disabilities may request copy/print assistance at the User Services Desk, service traffic permitting. Please contact them to inquire about services offered.
  • Braille Resources: The library also has limited (not necessarily current) braille dictionaries and encyclopedias in the reference collection, and other braille materials in various locations throughout the library.   


  • User Services: Bookdrop locations:
    • North end of the User Services Desk (to the left when facing the desk) on the First Floor.
    • When the library is closed, there is an after hour’s bookdrop located to the right of the library entrance.
    • In addition, a 24-hour bookdrop is located on Bay Laurel Way (across from Sacramento Hall).
    • All course reserve items must be returned directly to the Library Service Desk.


  • Located on:
    • North wing of the library (access: lower level through 5th floor)
    • South wing of the library (access: 1st floor through 3rd floor)
    • Outdoor elevator at the north library quad entrance with access to the library breezeway.

Students with disabilities should contact their counselor in Services to Students with Disabilities in Lassen Hall regarding library assistance.

Library Hours