Strategic Plan & Diversity Statement



The University Library fosters a spirit of inquiry and curiosity, inspiring our community to transform the world for the better.


The University Library furthers discovery and the creation and sharing of knowledge that makes for:

  • Empowered Students

  • Equitable Learning

  • Engaged Faculty

  • Enriched Community

Core ValuesCore Values

  • Community Engagement and Impact

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence

  • Exceptional Service

  • Intellectual Freedom

  • Purposeful Innovation

  • Student Success


Empower our learners and researchers to be critical thinkers and rigorous scholars through their pursuit and production of knowledge.

Indicators of Success:

  1. Employ critical and culturally responsive pedagogy in our instructional program.
  2. Use primary resources as a stepping-stone to original research and engaged learning.
  3. Develop students’ lifelong critical thinking skills through collaboration with faculty on assignments and information literacy instruction.
  4. Provide students and faculty with online learning objects and instructional technologies that are responsive to and in support of course outcomes.
  5. The University Library, as a teaching and research partner, will support and incorporate innovative technologies, practices, and ways of learning.
  6. Support efforts on Open Educational Resource (OER) adoption and other approaches that improve access to resources and services.

Build and sustain relevant collections that support and reflect our faculty, students, and greater community.

Indicators of Success:

  1. Map our holdings to the curriculum, creatively supporting what can and will be used for online and on-campus instruction.
  2. Improve and develop our collections and research guides to include materials that nurture diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as promote anti-racism and the dismantling of all forms of oppression.
  3. Improve accessibility of physical and digital collections via universal design principles.
  4. Serve as a steward for and expand access to cultural heritage collections that mirror our community and that of our students and faculty.
  5. Collaborate with faculty and students by integrating campus scholarship into library discovery systems.
  6. Improve the user experience of library resources and discoverability of collections via an expanded digital library program.

Provide welcoming locations, physical and virtual, for community building and a superior study and work environment for our diverse student body.

Indicators of Success:

  1. Design library services based on classroom requirements and prioritizing student needs.
  2. Partner with campus on student satisfaction surveys with the goal of creating and maintaining inclusive, accessible research and work environments.
  3. Optimize the construction and organization of spaces that encourage students to work across disciplines, build transferable problem-solving skills and expand their base of expertise.
  4. Use library space to celebrate our collections and support programmatic needs of the campus and community.
  5. Ensure that student library employment is meaningful and offers experiences that can be applied to future career goals.

Cultivate and connect scholars to knowledge and tools that will improve researcher workflows, foster a community of inquiry, and build on our Anchor University successes.

Indicators of Success:

  1. Support knowledge creation and curation.
  2. Educate scholars and provide expertise and integrated services in support of academic publishing, data management, open access, and copyright and fair use.
  3. Highlight and promote student and faculty scholarship and creative activities.
  4. Recognize and celebrate our student and faculty scholarly successes.
  5. Publicize our research impact and disseminate it via Sac State Scholars

Invest in a library culture that respects, grows, and listens to all its members.

Indicators of Success:

  1. Implement the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Library Inventory & Audit (DEILIA) as a means to capture the library’s baseline.
  2. Build an organization that empowers all members to bring their authentic selves to work.
  3. Advance a culture of initiative, collaboration, and accountability.
  4. Document and increase our hiring and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and student employees.
  5. Develop the potential of our faculty and staff via ongoing professional development and education.
  6. Design a responsive library that meets the needs of an ever-changing educational landscape via active assessment and data-driven decision making.

Diversity StatementDiversity Statement

The Sacramento State University Library celebrates diversity, inclusion, and equity. We embody this stance through the development of our collections, services, physical spaces, hiring practices, and our ongoing support of the campus community.

Sacramento State University Library’s Commitment to Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence (Summer 2020)

Our library’s statement in response to a summer of Black lives lost and the need to state that Black Lives Matter.

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Strategic Plan (PDF)

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