OER and AL$ @ Sacramento State University Library


OER Brand

Open Educational Resources (OER) are free online teaching and learning materials. They include videos, textbooks, quizzes, learning modules and more. Contact the Publishing & Scholarship Support Team or your subject librarian for information on OER materials for your classes and subject area.

ALS Brand

CSU's Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) is a program that enables faculty to choose and provide more affordable, quality educational content for their students. By reducing CSU student course material expenses, more students acquire the educational resources they need to succeed at CSU. With AL$, faculty and students have greater access to quality free and lower cost learning materials through a variety of programs and partnerships.

OER Resources

OER and AL$ Grants for Faculty

Sac State's Center for Teaching and Learning coordinates campus-wide OER efforts. Contact De-Laine Cyrenne for more information. CTL can help faculty achieve the following goals:

  • Allow faculty, staff and students easy access to find low-cost or free textbooks and course content.
  • Recognize the efforts of faculty to reduce costs for students.
  • Share and learn from other CSU faculty about OER and AL$ efforts.

Additional Resources