Library Research Fellowship Program


Thanks to generous continued funding from the Elios Charitable Foundation and additional funding from the Tsakopoulos Hellenic Foundation, the University Library is pleased to announce the continuation of the Library Research Fellowship Program to support the use of the Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection by fellows for scholarly research in Hellenic studies while in residence in Sacramento. The Program provides a limited number of fellowships ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 in the form of reimbursement to help offset transportation and living expenses incurred during the tenure of the awards and is open to external researchers anywhere in the world at the doctoral through senior scholar levels (including independent scholars) working in fields encompassed by the Collection's strengths who reside outside a 75-mile radius of Sacramento. Only researchers on unpaid leave or with partial funding from their home institution and/or other sources are eligible for fellowship funding under this Program.Researchers on fully-paid leave from their home institution or with full outside research fellowships are not eligible to receive fellowship funding; they may, however, be appointed as Research Scholars through a separate application process. Contact George I. Paganelis for more information about appointment as a Research Scholar.

The term of fellowships can vary between two weeks and three months, depending on the nature of the research, and for the current cycle will be tenable from July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019. Fellows are responsible for making their own travel and accommodation arrangements. On-campus housing and dining options are available during summer months at a considerable savings over off-campus alternatives through the Sacramento State Housing and Residential Life Conference Housing Services. The fellowship application deadline is February 28, 2018. No late applications will be considered.

Paper applications will not be accepted. Applicants must submit a completed application with budget, a resume or CV, and a research proposal of up to five double-spaced pages which should include a justification for the requested length of stay/budget and plans for disseminating their research, following the instructions at the bottom of this page. They must also arrange for two confidential letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the Library Research Fellowship Program Review Committee as instructed below.

Proposals should cite the relevance of specific resources found in the Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection to their research. Prospective fellows are urged to consult the Web site of the Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection and OneSearch, the Library's on-line catalog and discovery system, for detailed holdings information as they prepare their proposals. The Library Research Fellowship Program Review Committee will consist of faculty members who will award fellowships on the basis of applicants' qualifications, significance of their proposals, feasibility of accomplishing stated goals while in residence, and relevance of the proposals to the holdings of the Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection. Amounts awarded will be determined based on applicants' distance traveled to Sacramento and the proposed duration of their stay. The Review Committee reserves the right to offer awards of a modified amount or duration from those requested. Deliberations of the Review Committee are confidential and all decisions are final. The Review Committee cannot provide reviewers' comments or any further information about proposals which do not receive funding. Awards will be announced by March 23, 2018.

Fellows will have full access to the print and on-line resources of the University Library, including interlibrary loan, and will be provided workspace during their stay. No secretarial services or office supplies are available to fellows.

Before leaving Sacramento Fellows will be expected to give a presentation on their research project (or arrange alternative dissemination) and within 30 days after their departure will be required to submit a two to three page report documenting progress in their research as a result of their stay and a brief evaluation of the Fellowship Program. As part of this Program, Fellows agree to acknowledge the "Library Research Fellowship Program, Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection, California State University, Sacramento" and its funding source, the Elios Charitable Foundation or the Tsakopoulos Hellenic Foundation, in any resulting dissertation or publication and to deposit a copy of the same in the Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection.

All non-U.S. citizens and non-U.S. permanent residents must ensure that they will be able to enter or remain in the U.S. and accept the fellowship. Please note that tax withholdings may apply to fellowships.

Please have confidential letters of recommendation mailed to the address below or sent as e-mail attachments to Letters sent by e-mail must be on letterhead (when applicable) and contain original signatures.

Library Research Fellowship Program
c/o Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection
University Library
California State University, Sacramento
2000 State University Drive
Sacramento, CA 95819-6039

Mailed letters must be postmarked by February 28, 2018 and e-mailed letters must be received by the same date.

Questions about the Program may be directed to George I. Paganelis, Curator, Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection ( or 916-278-4361).

Application Process:

1. Download and complete the application.

2. E-mail the application, your Resume/CV, and research proposal in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format to George I. Paganelis at with the subject line "LRFP Application 2018-2019."

You must complete the application in its entirety even though you will be uploading your resume/CV as a separate file.

Note: Please use the following naming convention for each of your attached files:
"Last name_18-19_document" (for example, Smith_18-19_application.doc; Smith_18-19_CV.doc; Smith_18-19_proposal.doc)

The application deadline is February 28, 2018. No late applications will be considered.

Previous Fellows

Prof. Maria Kaliambou
Yale University
Project title: "The Book Culture of Greek Americans"

Dr. Theodora Patrona
Independent Scholar
Project title: "Greek-American Women's Writing in the First Half of the Twentieth Century"
(PowerPoint Slide show with audio; with the presentation in Slide Show mode, click the speaker on each slide to play audio.)

Nikos Tsivikis
Doctoral Candidate
University of Crete, Rethymnon
Institute for Mediterranean Studies (FORTH)
Project title: "The Final Days of a Thematic Byzantine Capital: Amorium in Asia Minor on the Eve of the Seljuk Arrival at the End of the Eleventh Century"

Prof. Stavroula (Avra) Xepapadakou
University of Crete
Project title: "Voices, Musics and Echoes of Expatriate Greeks in the Demakopoulos Collection"

Stavros Stavridis
Independent Scholar
Project title: "The Greek Genocide: Pontus and Smyrna and the Resettlement of Asia Minor Refugees 1916-1925"

Dr. Anastasia Stefanidou
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Project title: "Writing the Greek American Life: Memoirs of Second Generation Immigrants"

Dr. Valerie McGuire
New York University & The Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC)
Project title: "Fascism's Mediterranean Empire: Italian Occupation and Colonial Modernity in the Dodecanese Islands, 1912-47"

Dr. Ilias Chrissochoidis
WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Project title: "From Greek Immigrant to American Paragon: The Life and Achievements of Spyros P. Skouras (1893–1971)"

Prof. Aida Gasimova
Baku State University Project
Title: "Avenue of Beholding Divine Beauty from the Ephebe to Shahid-bazi: A Case Study of the Topos in Azeri Turkic Sufi Poetry"

András Kraft
Doctoral Candidate
Central European University Project title: "Between the Imminent End and Eternity: On the Byzantine Conception of Time"

Panayotis League
Doctoral Candidate
Harvard University Project title: "A Commonplace Book in Uncommon Times: The Orality-Literacy Continuum and Musical Transcription in Late Ottoman Mytilene"

Dr. Anna Kouremenos
Independent Scholar
Project title: “Selective Memory and National Identity: (Mis)perceptions of the Roman Period in Modern Greece”

Dr. Stefano Gulizia
Independent Scholar
Project title: “The Printer’s Wine-Dark Sea: Venetian Book Trading and the Greek Diaspora”

Prof. Maria Oikonomou-Meurer
University of Vienna
Project title: “Transcribing Borders: Elements of a Literature of Migration”

Mr. Panos Koromvokis
Panteion University
Project title: “The Greek-Americans: Ideological Remittances and State-building Philanthropy”

Mr. Christopher Kinley
Doctoral Candidate, Ohio State University
Project Title: “Under Their Watchful Eyes: The Experience and Memory of War and Occupation in Epirus, 1912-1922”

Prof. Rigas Raftopoulos
Università degli Studi di Roma 3
Project Title: “When Pericles Went to Greece from America, or How the U.S. Discovered Greek People and Resistance”

Ms. Angeliki Tsiotinou
Doctoral Candidate, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Project Title: “Tracing the Ethnic Preservation Movement in Post-Civil Rights Greek-American Periodicals”

Prof. Eugenia Georges
Rice University
Project Title: “The Influence of the Truman Doctrine and U.S. Soft Power on the Development of Greek Biomedicine in the Aftermath of World War II”

Mr. Stavros Stavridis
Independent Scholar
Project Title: “Greece and the Resettlement of Asia Minor Refugees during the post-1923 Period”

Dr. Vassiliki Vassiloudi
Democritus University of Thrace
Project Title: “Revisiting Greek Childhood in Distress: The Views and Intervention of the Greek Americans in the Late 1940s and Early 1950s”