Public Art Archive

Public Art Archive

From Chicano murals to the Wide Open Walls festival, Sacramento, California has a vibrant public art scene. Students in the ART 118C: Public Art course at California State University-Sacramento interviewed the artists behind some of the murals and sculptures across the city. Their work makes up the “Sacramento Public Art Archive,” a growing repository of video interviews that records, preserves, and protects the history and artistic visions behind beloved works of public art across the city.

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Artist Interviews

Note: automatic captions within video may contain inaccuracies.

Aik Brown Interview

Fei Fei Lin Interview

Complete list of interviewees

Alexander, Brandon
Brown, Aik
Garcia, Christian
Garcia-Nakata, Lorraine
Kaltenbach, Stephen
King, Jaya
Lin, Fei Fei
McDaniels, Shonna
Ponci, Jenn
Puck, David
Reinertson, Lisa
Silva, Eliseo
Taylor, Stephanie
Templeton, Madelyne Joan
Toland, Miles
Valenzuela, Bryan
Vicente, Mabel
YS, Lauren


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