The State Hornet Unveils Archives Exhibition

Image of Hornet Newspaper

The State Hornet 70th Anniversary Exhibition will be on display in the Gerth Special Collections & University Archives until May 3, 2019 and is open to the public.

The exhibition features original printed editions of the newspaper dating back to the first issue from January 1949. Poster prints of some of the most notable articles covering on-campus and regional news, as well as ground-breaking national events will be displayed. These include Hornet athletic achievements, Hillary Clinton’s speech on campus, Martin Luther King’s assassination, 9/11 coverage and more.

“We are thrilled to have this historic showcase for The State Hornet at the University Archives. Generations of journalists and media makers have gotten their starts in our newsroom, and this exhibition spotlights their influence and achievement since 1949. As a journalism educator and State Hornet alum myself, I am tremendously proud of this legacy.”

Stu VanAirsdale, faculty adviser of The State Hornet

Over 3,000 issues of the newspaper from January 1949 to September 2018 will be digitized next year. The California State Library’s California Revealed grant project awarded $25,000 to the university to make this process happen.

“The Hornet has had a huge impact on our region. The student reporters have given a valuable perspective on each of the events they’ve taken on. We have received a grant to digitize all the Hornet issues, and they will be made available and searchable online for everyone."

James Fox, Head of Gerth Special Collections & University Archives

For more information on this historical university exhibit, please contact Stu VanAirsdale at or (916) 278-6065.