Climate Change at Sacramento State University

Global awareness week

An Exhibit Celebrating Geography Awareness Week 

November 10-16, 2019 (exhibit up through January 15, 2020)
California State University Sacramento Library - 2nd Floor Mezzanine

Exhibit Sponsor
CSUS Department of Geography

Exhibit Organizers
Robin Datel, Professor, Department of Geography
Anna Klimaszewski-Patterson, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography

Geography Awareness Week has been celebrated in the United States since it was established by presidential proclamation in 1987.  It takes place during the third week in November.   

The theme of this year’s exhibit is climate change, which has been called “the great challenge and emergency of our time on earth, just as the fight against fascism was the great challenge of the 20th century.”  Exhibit materials include:

  • Research, creative work, and teaching by Sacramento State faculty in departments across the campus.  
  • Undergraduate student mini-posters on climate change topics related to cities.  These were made by students in GEOG 147, Urban Geography, Fall 2019.    
  • Print and digital materials related to climate change in Sacramento and California.  
  • Books on different dimensions of climate change
    • You can check out the books on the bookcase next to the display cases.
    • Book inside the display cases can be checked out after the display is taken down.

This year’s GAW reaches out beyond the Geography Department  for two reasons:

  • to demonstrate how pervasive climate change is as a contemporary concern and 
  • to illustrate how geography is a broad, integrative discipline, overlapping with various natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.