Public Performance Rights and Licenses


Public Performance Rights

Public Performance Rights (PPR) are rights that allow the user to legally show films or videos in public provided that no admission fee is charged and advertisement for the screening is restricted. These rights are granted by the copyright holder with the Public Performance Licenses (PPL).

When are Public Performance Rights needed?

PPR are needed whenever films or videos are shown publicly, outside of a classroom.

How do I find out which library items have PPR?

Media purchased by the library is primarily to support classroom curriculum and PPR are not always secured for every film or video. When possible, the library will note in the record when the library has PPR. Search OneSearch for films or videos with Public Performance Rights.

Where else can I secure PPR?

If a film or video does not have PPR through the library, users can visit the following sites depending on the type of film or video:

Other Resources on PPR

Contact Information

Questions about what titles have public performance rights? Contact the Publishing & Scholarship Support Team.