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Built in a setting that allows individual and group participation, the room is a fully interactive learning environment that is at once authentic and instructive. The adjacent Tea Garden is a place of beauty in its own right and is integral to the full experience of a traditional tea gathering functioning as an entrance to and preparation for the experience of visiting the Tea Room and being served tea in the traditional manner.

In addition to serving as a classroom, the Tea Room and Garden act as a perfect setting for cultural programs, lectures and special events. The eight tatami chashitsu (tea room) is complete with mizuya (preparation room) and roji (pathway or entrance) and provides an ideal interactive learning environment. An exhibit area and seating for up to 40 participants form part of the interior space.

Upcoming Tea Gatherings

Tea Gatherings are available to Sacramento State classes during the regular semester. Individual reservations are available throughout the semester based on available space. Students and community members are invited to make a reservation for themselves and one (1) guest.

Tea Gatherings | (last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes)


The Sokiku Nakatani Tea Room and Garden is located on the Lower Level of the University Library at California State University, Sacramento. Use main entrance of University Library and go down 1 floor to Lower Level. Then follow signs to Sokiku Nakatani Tea Room and Garden.