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The Sokiku Nakatani Tea Room and Garden provides a unique and essential way for students and community members to study Japanese aesthetics and traditional arts, built particularly around the time-honored art form of Chado, the Way of Tea, learn together and from one another, thus deepening intercultural understanding and respect.

The Sokiku Nakatani Tea Room and Garden provides direct experiential knowledge of Japanese culture through participatory educational experiences and promotes multicultural and interdisciplinary perspectives through programming for university and K12 students and community members to increase cultural understanding and to be a space where all may experience peace and tranquility in an experiential environment.

“Hands on Tea Classes” sponsored by the Urasenke Foundation

A rare opportunity to explore the culture of Chanoyu is available to Sac State students and the community. Hands-on classes will focus on learning this four-hundred-year-old cultural practice.

The class will meet in the Sokiku Nakatani tearoom ten times over the semester in 3-hour sessions, much like a seminar class, on Wednesday afternoons. The class size will be limited to ensure individual attention.

Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace and to enjoy the quiet pleasures of sharing a bowl of tea with others.

Discussion of related topics such as history, art, literature and intellectual thought, as well as practical subjects such as cuisine, horticulture and architecture will also be a part of the class.

The Urasenke Foundation of San Francisco welcomes students of any experience level who are interested in learning the art of Chanoyu. The study is open to all genders, races, and religious beliefs. The intention of people gathering in the tearoom is to discover our common humanity.

Please let us know if you are interested in this exciting class by emailing to sign up for more information.