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Adding Library Databases


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If you are interested in having your students in only search one database, or even a group of subject appropriate databases, you can add a link directly to the database(s).

You can't copy the URL directly from the browser address box, and you must add the following line to the beginning of your URL, or students will not be able to access the database from off-campus:


For individual databases
1.Select an individual database from the alphabetical list of databases
For Windows users:
If using IE, right click when the database name is highlighted, then select the copy shortcut from the menu.
If using Firefox copy link location from menu.

For Mac [Safari] users:
Select the Copy Link from the menu

2. Add the following statement to the beginning of the URL when you paste it into SacCT Web Link box:

For a group of databases
1. Choose the group of databases from the Subject List of Article Databases rather than the alphabetical list, and follow instructions listed above.

Watch a Video of adding a database link