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Then and Now

"Give them plenty of good, tasty food
and they will be happy”
Frank Fat

Frank's Chinese menu.  (circa 1970s?)
"Frank's" Chinese menu. (circa 1970s)
Frank Fat’s holds the distinction of being one of the Capitol City’s oldest eating establishments still operated by the same family ( . In March 2013, Frank Fat’s was one in five restaurants in the nation to receive the James Beard Foundation America’s Classic Award, an honor bestowed upon locally owned and operated restaurants that are the fabric of their community.

The restaurant celebrated 76 years in 2015 and continues to provide the same warm, friendly and cheerful service that made Frank, Wing, and Weyland so popular with customers, greeting each patron with a warm handshake and friendly smile. Today, Kevin, a third generation Fat, continues this tradition of excellent and personalized service.

Wing Fat shaking hands with Clint Eastwood.  Inscribed:
Wing Fat shaking hands with Clint Eastwood.
Inscribed: "To Wing Fat - Much thanks - Clint Eastwood"
Set in an elegant atmosphere and featuring authentic Chinese artifacts. Frank Fat’s interior is adorned with a blend of contemporary and traditional-style art pieces, which acknowledge the rich heritage of the Chinese culture. Precious Chinese art and artifacts include a royal guards-man uniform (circa 1880) emblazoned with dragons, lavish screens, richly hued tapestry and a spectacular massive gold Laughing Buddha.

Some say that the restaurant represents the life of its originator, mingling contemporary and traditional, American and Chinese.