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Information Competence Assignment

PLEASE NOTE: Effective Augut 2008, that this is no longer used as a requirement for COMS 4 & COMS 5 classess at CSU, Sacramento.



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Welcome to the CSUS Information
Competence Assignment

This Information Competence unit is an integral part of both COMS 4 and COMS 5 classes and is also required by some other professors to ensure their students have learned the information skills necessary to understand and complete research projects for their classes. Your participation and scores will be included as part of your course grade. Failure to complete the assignment may result in an incomplete or F for your course.

At the end of this project you will be able to:

  • Define a Research Topic
  • Determine your Information Requirements for your Research Question
  • Locate and Retrieve Relevant Information
  • Use the Technological Tools For Accessing Information
  • Evaluate Information
  • Understand the Ethical, Legal, and Socio-Political Issues Surrounding Information and Information Technology

Many students already have these skills. You may demonstrate your information competence and test-out of the requirement by scoring 80% or more on the Pre-Test.

If you get less than 80% you must go through the tutorials and exercises for each of the Information Competencies and then take a Post-Test. You may work on the tutorial at your convenience. The entire assignment will take you several hours. When you have satisfactorily completed this tutorial your record will reflect that you have successfully demonstrated the following six Information Competencies expected of all CSUS students prior to graduation.

The campus labs are configured properly for WebCT but if you plan to do the assignment from off campus you must make sure the browser you are using is configured properly.

If you fail to prepare your browser settings for WebCT, WebCT will not grade your tests and quizzes. You must Enable Java and Set Cache. Click this link to go to the Browser Tune Up page and follow the instructions for the browser you are currently using. It will help you determine if you need to upgrade your browser for WebCT.

Before you enter WebCT you must know that:

Your SacLink account number is your WebCT ID.
Your SacLink Password is your WebCT Password.

It will take 48 hours after you create a SacLink account for that information to be transferred to WebCT. If you do not have a SacLink account, go immediately to: to create one.

To go to WebCT, click on the URL below. Click on My WebCT and enter your SacLink ID and password to login:


Linda J. Goff, Head, Instructional Services (916) 278-5981
H. Reza Peigahi, Instruction Librarian (916) 278-5246

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