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March 2004

March 22, 2004 • Volume 8, Number 3
Preserving the History of Progressive Politics in the Sacramento Region
By Sheila O’Neill, Head, Department of Special Collections and Univ. Archives

The Department of Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) has an expanding collection of archival sources that document grass roots politics, community activism, and progressive political leadership at the local, State and national levels. Collections of individual leaders, local organizations, community programs, and organizing committees provide evidence of the role of community collective action in protecting civil liberties, safeguarding the environment, promoting peace and social justice, and providing for those in need of work, shelter and food. see story

Hoopa Indian Tribe and Water Rights
By Maria Kochis, Engineering Librarian, Reference Department

I was able to attend a local protest in Roseville on Monday, March 15th. The protest occurred at the Northern California Power Agency in Roseville. The objective: to demand that Roseville withdraw from a lawsuit that has stopped river restoration on the Trinity River, the river that has provided sustenance and a way of life for members of the Hoopa Vally Indian tribe for generations. see story

Library Employees “Show the Love”
The Library Employee Association Committee

The Library Employee Association Committee (LEA) wants to thank all the generous employees who donated baked goods to the Valentine’s Day Bake Sale on Thursday, February 13th as well as those who bought “goodies” for this fundraiser. The bake sale totaled $213 in sales, donations and dues for the LEA and it also gave everyone the opportunity to sample some of their colleague’s fabulous baked creations!

The money that we raise from LEA bake sales, annual dues, and other fundraisers throughout the year is dedicated to recognizing the efforts of all library employees at events such as the Holiday Party, Spring/Student Party, and new employee “welcomes.” We are planning some exciting activities for the upcoming year, but we always appreciate ideas from the people we are here to serve: YOU! Feel free to contact any LEA committee member with suggestions or comments. LEA members are: Pairlee Berry, Anne Bradley, Carol Bowyer, Donna Gollihur, Lorraine Saiz, Julie Thomas, and Hong Wang.

FUTURES SEMINAR Series Begins this Week
The Futures Seminar series opens on March 23, with Library Dean and Director, Terry Webb with an update on some current Library projects and a discussion of potential future initiatives here. He will also talk about the budget.

On Thursday, March 25th, President Gonzalez will speak to us on the academic library in the institution and the community. Almost 60 people are expected to attend this session.

Another session will feature Matt Altier's very upbeat presentation of the CSUS 5-year masterplan on March 30th.

On April 13th, Associate VP for Enrollment Management Victoria Valle's alarming presentation of the negative impact that enrollment cuts at CSUS will have on the Sacramento region. Other sessions are being formulated.

The series will continue with sessions on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays throughout the rest of March and April. The time will be from noon to 1:00. The location will be Room 3023, unless otherwise noted.

All presentations are open to Library employees.

T.J. Gorton Joins Instructional Services
By Linda J. Goff, Head, Instructional Services

If you haven’t had a chance to meet the newest library employee, stop by Room 2022A and say “Hi” to T.J., the new ½ time ASA-I for Instructional Services. He may look familiar and well he should (see a picture), as T.J. has worked for the past five years as a student assistant for Stacks Management. It was that and his Digital Media major that got him the job. He will be working with the Library tour program, Information Competence in WebCT and keeping our instructional statistics up to date. He will also be helping Reza with web pages for the Freshmen Seminar project.

T.J. is a Sacramento native and a graduate of West Campus High School (Hiram Johnson). T.J.’s main interests include his rock band, “The Dining Room Romance” and his digital graphics projects. With work and school, his life is full. Please welcome him to the staff.

CSUS-Asian Libraries Exchange (CALE) Team in the CSUS Library
By Fang Gu, Head, Library Media Center

A team called CALE, abbreviation for CSUS-Asian Libraries Exchange, was set up several months ago in the library under the leadership of Library Dean Terry Webb. The goal of the team is to initiate and promote scholarly exchange programs between CSUS Library and other libraries in Asian countries. The team members are: Fang Gu, Jenny Leung, Hong Wang, Terry Webb, Bin Zhang and Joe Zhou. see story

LOCUS Update

As you may have noticed, links to LOCUS (students) and LOCUS (faculty) appeared on the library homepage recently. LOCUS, developed in Online Curriculum Library Services (OCLS), is a MySQL database driven application programmed in PHP that enables faculty members to organize access to many of the electronic resources in the library for student use in particular classes. LOCUS has been a team project. Primarily designed, developed, and programmed by OCLS Administrative Support Coordinator Charles Brown-Roberts, other contributors have included Ying Zhu, programming support, Andy Osburn and Basant Gajjar, server administration and programming consultation, Bin Zhang, Open URL and Metalib consultation, and Mary Reddick, project coordinator. LOCUS is still under construction, although a couple of faculty members are using it this semester. Charles and Mary will demonstrate and discuss the project at an upcoming Enrichment Session.

Upcoming University Library Exhibits

1st floor - Olympics exhibit
2nd floor – Cesar Chavez
3rd floor – Tsakopolous Room – Olympics exhibit (Ancient and Revival)

1st and 3rd floors - Olympics cont.
2nd floor - National Library Week
2nd floor - Festival of Arts
2nd floor - Poetry Month
3rd floor - Olympics Exhibit cont.

Contact Carol Gebel at for information.

Isn’t it a Pitti, isn’t it a shame
That this scavenger hunt seems so lame.

But the goal of education,
Is not frustration.

So it’s our hope that you will find,
It lifts from the mundane and expands the mind.

With these exercises, Joe does not intend
To create a heavy workload for you nor offend.

But that the doing of history
Is not such a mystery.

- Ben Amata

Editor: Kathryn Blackmer Reyes
Assistant Editor: Laura Archbold

Floor to Floor is a monthly publication from the CSUS University Library. The newsletter fosters communications and promotes a community spirit within the Library.

Deadline submission for the next Floor to Floor, April 21, 2004, release April 26, 2004.