Website Redesign FAQs

The University Library will be launching a new website this summer. The website will incorporate a new look and feel that is brighter and more welcoming. It will also be responsive for mobile devices and tablets. The search engine OneSearch will also be upgraded to an improved interface.

When will the redesign go live?

The new website will launch on July 10, 2017. The search engine will go live a few weeks earlier on June 13, 2017.

Why are you updating this summer?

The library has chosen to update at the start of July to minimize impact on research and instruction for both faculty and students. This update will be approximately one-month after the 12-week session begins and after the end of the first six-week session.

What was the process for redesigning the website?

User feedback was collected through student, faculty, and library focus groups during the fall semester of 2016. This feedback was used to design the sitemap and information architecture. Student and faculty feedback was considered throughout the redesign process, from initial template design through to creation of content for all library webpages.

Why is the search engine also undergoing an interface change?

This search engine update is part of the Unified Library Management System project in which all 23 CSUs will be sharing a library management system. Sacramento State University Library's participation in this CSU-wide project allows us to leverage the collaborative network of the CSU and create more consistent library search experiences across the CSU.

What about the articles and books I've saved on my e-Shelf in OneSearch?

The articles and books you've saved in e-Shelf will be migrated and available after the new search engine and website is launched.

What if I've saved links to specific titles or library webpages in bookmarks?

Redirects to the new content will be setup on highly used library webpages. Search results will, unfortunately, not redirect. In order to correct the broken links, you will need to redo the searches in the new search engine. If you have saved items to your e-shelf, those will migrate and be available.

Will I be able to test the library website before it goes live?

We will make the library website available for a sneak peek on June 15, 2017.