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Microform collection formats include microfiche, microfilm and microcard. The library media center has newspapers, magazines and education documents in microform format. All the microform collections are in-house use only. The Print-Smart station in LMC enables patrons to print scanned microforms with their OneCard. Patrons can use dimes to print microforms as well.
There are nearly 100,000 images in the Slide Collection. There are separate cataloged images of buildings, sculptures, paintings, drawings, graphic works, furniture, textiles, etc. Sets of slides are cataloged by the title of the set and include a large variety of topics, a few of which are world, western and American history, custom cars, shoes, rock art, table settings, and scenic parks. There are also travel slides representing a good number of places in the world.

Slides can be used advantageously for oral presentations in any class.


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