Things to do before classes start: 

Take the Checkpoint Tour (available anytime the Library is open) at the Information Desk in the lobby.
It should take 30-45 minutes.  If you prefer, you can wait until the Guided Tours are offered during the second and third weeks of each semester
.  For the tour schedule go to:  /services/inst/indiv/libinst/TourSchd.htm.   Some professors require a proof of a library tour for their classes, so be sure to get a blue tour verification slip.  You can also take a Virtual Tour  
(but no tour slips are given) at: /services/inst/indiv/vtour/1welcome.htm.  

Register for a SacLink Account:  Go to the Library Computer Lab or any other campus lab to establish
your SacLink account:  CSUS can be your free 
Internet Service Provider
.  Authenticate your account for remote access, then set up for dial-in service:  You’ll need a SacLink account to register online
 using C@sper.NET and for online WebCT classes.

Get a OneCard which is your campus photo ID, Library Card, public transport pass, phone card and
 a debit card for printing in the labs and the Library, or for discount (40% off) photocopies.  For full 
information check out the OneCard web site: 

Bring your OneCard to the Library Circulation Department to register as a borrower.  
You can check out up to 50 books.  Loan period is 3 weeks.

The OneCard Office is located in Brighton Hall across the Library Quad from the Library.  (see map).    

OneCard Hours  

Regular Hours
Mon. & Tues. 10:00 am-7:00 pm 
Wed.-Fri. 8:00 am-4:00 pm.

Things to do in the Library: 

  Create a Library Personal Identification Number (PIN) in EUREKA the Library Catalog.  This is essential if you use an Internet Service Provided (ISP) other than CSUS via SacLink. With it you’ll be able to access over 100 Library Databases from home that will provide many of the resources you’ll need to write your research papers.  The PIN should be something you can easily remember.  For complete instructions, go to: /databases/help/  

  Find Out the Library Hours: /hours/ Hours Recording 278-6926.  Regular Hours for Fall & Spring Semesters:  Mon.-Thu. 7:15AM-11:00PM; Fri. 7:15AM-7:00PM; Sat. 9:00AM-5:00PM; Sun. 11:00AM-11:00PM. 

  Get the most out of your research.  We offer regular drop-in sessions on library database and web searching: /services/inst/indiv/libinst/demyweb.htm

  Ask a Librarian: /services/depts/reference/emref.htm or call the Reference Desk, (916) 278-5673 and speak to a human search engine. 

  Find Your Personal Reference Librarian!  They can be your best allies to help you get through your first year at CSUS.  For a list of subject disciplines matched with librarians: /geninfo/liaisons/.

  Check out Library services for Distance Learners: /services/deal/ 

Locate the Reserve Book Room (RBR):  (separate entrance off the breezeway). Faculty put materials they want everyone to read “On Reserve” here.  The RBR Loan period is often 2 hours or 1 day instead of the regular 3 weeks.

Check out books for 3 weeks with your OneCard (see above) up to 50 books at a time.  You can renew them online using your Library PIN.

Learn how to use PrintSmart.  The campus credits 100 free laser copies on your OneCard each semester for use in the Library and in the Campus Labs. 

Find the Interlibrary Loan Office*.  If you can't locate the book or journal article you need in our collection, they will track it down in another library.  Go to their web page for more details:  /services/depts/ill/  You can even request materials with an online form!
(*The office may be moving this term from the lobby area on the first floor, 1 NORTH to 2 SOUTH.) 

Apply for a job in the library /geninfo/employment/student.htm.  We are the largest employer of students on campus, and there’s no commute!

Find a quiet place to study.  The entire 4th floor is reserved for “Silent Study.” 

Find the comfortable chairs.  There are lounge chairs in small groupings scattered throughout the library.  Look 
in the first floor lobby, on the mezzanine at the top of the escalator and in the alcoves near the exterior windows on
 floors 2 NORTH, 3 NORTH and 4 NORTH.

Enjoy the Art.  The new University Library Gallery will have shows throughout the year.  There are student projects and professional art mounted on other floors as well.  Topical Library Exhibits are usually located in the link area between the wings on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.  

Find Out What's New.  Click on What's New from the home page to find out what's happening in the CSUS Library.  It might be an art exhibit or poetry reading or just some new databases and information about new services, such as e-books (electronic books).  There's always something new at the Library!

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Linda J. Goff, Head of Instructional Services, 
Created:  August 12, 2002
Updated: January 31, 2003