Demystifying Library Databases

February 19, 2002

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Table of Contents: Author: Linda Goff
01. Demystifying Library Databases E-mail:
02. PPT Slide Home Page: /services/inst/indiv/
03. Today's Agenda Download Presentation Source
04. Part I: Overview of...
05. There are two types of Library Computers... Text Version
06. PPT Slide
07. CSUS Library Information Access Policy
08. Part II: Common Elements in ...
09. Library Database Types
10. You can usually search by the following database fields
11. Library Databases vs. Web Pages
12. You can search any database, if you know  
13. If you...  
14. Help Screens  
15. Boolean or Logical Operators  
16. Boolean Search Strategy  
17. Proximity Searching  
18. Advanced or Guided Searching  
19. You can E-mail search results!  
20. Don't forget..!  
21. PrintSmart Laser Printers  
22. Part III: Remote Access to...  
23. CSUS Remote Access  
24. Authentication  
25. Saclink is free Internet Access  
26. Questions about Comptuers?  
27. When you have a library database question, who are you going to ask?  


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