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Welcome to the CSUS Information Competence
for Future Teachers Project

For Child Development 133 Students

This project is targeted at the Child Development 133 classes as it is the research class for students in the Child Development major.

The Project has several parts. To begin you must have a CSUS SacLink account. This will serve as your global identification number, not only for this project, but also for registering for classes using Casper and many other CSUS services. Please bookmark this page and go to SacLink now if you do not already have a SacLink Account.

Your SacLink account and password are necessary to access the Survey, Pre-test and Post-test that are in a web course management program called WebCT. At the end of this page is the link you will use to access the WebCT part of the Information Competence for Future Teachers Project. Once there you will complete a brief demographic survey and take a pre-test to establish which competencies you may already have.

You will then leave WebCT and return to this page to access the tutorials on the web. The project is designed for you to go through the tutorial for each of the Information Competencies, complete the exercises and finally return to WebCT to take the Post-test. Our goal is to have your Post-test score attached to your permanent student record to indicate that you have demonstrated the Information Competencies expected of all CSUS students prior to their graduation.

At the end of this project you will be able to:

  1. Define a Research Topic
  2. Determine your Information Requirements for your Research Question
  3. Locate and Retrieve Relevant Information
  4. Use the Technological Tools For Accessing Information
  5. Evaluate Information
  6. Understand the Ethical, Legal, and Socio-Political Issues Surrounding Information and Information Technology

Throughout these tutorials you will see buttons for Home and Menu. The HOME button will always take you to the page where you started when you linked from the Library Home Page. The MENU button will always take you to the list of six Information Competence tutorials. The Communication Studies Tutorials have a gold sidebar. Please be sure the tutorial you are working through has this gold color bar on the left, as there is a parallel project for Communication Studies 4 & 5 and the tutorials have been modified for their topics.

Our goal is to give you opportunity to acquire the Information Competencies expected of all CSUS students prior to graduation.

Before you enter WebCT you must know:

Your User name is your SacLink account number
Your Password is the last 4 digits of your Social Security #

Enter WebCT by clicking on the URL below then click on My WebCT then
click on the course number that begins LIB, and list your section and instructor.

Once you've completed the Pre-test you may Begin Tutorials or go to the top of this page and click on Menu.

After you have completed the tutorials  you will then return to WebCT to complete the Post-test using this same procedure.

Questions or comments?
Roz Van Auker, Education Librarian,

updated 1/26/2000
Linda J. Goff, Library Instruction Libraria