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  Censorship/Freedom of Speech            

The issue of censorship vs. free speech has always been a hotly contested topic. With the advent of the Web and the increasing use of electronic media for the dissemination of information, new questions over first Amendment rights are being raised. Thorny issues such as what to do about Web access to pornographic materials by minors, gambling on the Internet and the posting of abusive content on newsgroups must be faced.

There are no easy answers to these challenges. Here are some Web sites which deal with freedom, censorship and related issues:

Pro Free Speech

Pro Internet Regulation

The Center for Democracy and Technology site promotes "the future of the First Amendment and free expression in the Information age.

The goal of the Electronic Frontier Foundation site is to protect rights and freedom in the electronic environment.

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Filtering Facts is "an online source for information on making Internet access in libraries safe for children ad communities.

The Enough is Enough site aims to protect children and families from illegal pornography on the Internet.

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