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Searching by Author

When you have the name of an author, and wish to obtain a list of items written by that particular author, select the Author point of access. Most library catalogs require that you enter the author's last name first.
For example, if you did an AUTHOR search for books by Carl Sagan (entered as Sagan, Carl), you find the following:
You searched for the AUTHOR: sagan carl
Found 13 items:
Sagan Carl 1934
  1. Broca's brain : reflections on the romance of science / Carl Sagan (1979)
  2. Comet / Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan (1985)
  3. Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence (CETI) Edited by Carl Sagan (1973)
  4. Contact: A novel / Carl Sagan (1985)
  5. Cosmos / Carl Sagan (1980)
  6. The demon-haunted world : science as a candle in the dark / Carl Sagan (1995)
  7. The dragons of Eden : speculations on the evolution of human intelligence / Carl Sagan (1977)
  8. Murmurs of Earth : the Voyager interstellar record / Carl Sagan [... et al.] (1978)
  9. Pale blue dot : a vision of the human future in space / Carl Sagan (1994)

NOTE: Remember, if you wanted to find items about Carl Sagan, you would select the Subject point of access and enter his name (last name first).


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