FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About the Information Competence Assignment

Just what is Information Competence?  Information Competence is the ability to find, evaluate, use, and communicate information in all of its various formats. 

Do I have to do this assignment?  Yes. The campus has targeted the basic skills classes in General Education as the best place to ensure students have these abilities.  The Communication Studies Faculty members have agreed to make this project an integral part of both COMS 4 and 5 classes.  Some COMS 2 and other faculty members use the Information Competence Assignment with their classes as well.

If I’ve done this assignment in a previous semester . Do I have to do it again? No, but you will have to fill out a form.  Just click the icon Report Previous Score, fill out the form and it will automatically query our file of scores. If your name and SacLink account match and you got 80% or more in a previous term, that information will be emailed to both you and your current professor. You can also call or email a librarian listed below for assistance.  It is your responsibility to ask for a previous score to be reported .

I'm taking another COMS class this term that requires the same assignment. Do I have to take the test twice?  No. Go ahead and take the test in one of the classes. When you get 80% or more on either the Pre-Test or Post-Test then click on the Report Concurrent Score button and fill out the report form. This will generate an email to a librarian who will then look up your score and report it to your instructors this term.  This is not automatic. It is your responsibility to ask to have your score reported to your second instructor.

Can I access Web CT without having a SacLink account?  No.  To access any WebCT class, you must have a SacLink account first. Register for a SacLink account online at https://www.saclink.csus.edu/saclink/. As you read through the SacLink agreement, you will be asked to create a password.  Use your SacLink account plus this password to login to your WebCT account.

What if I login to WebCT and my COMS class isn’t listed?    Registered students are added into WebCT within 48 hours of creating a SacLink account, so check back then. If you still don’t see it listed, consult your professor to make sure you are in the correct section and/or contact one of the librarians listed below.

Why can’t I see the results of my Survey, Pre-Test or , Post-Test immediately after taking them? There is a quick fix for this problem. The Can't See Score? page will give you tips on how to force WebCT to grade a test if you didn’t push all the right buttons initially.  Report any other problems to one of the librarians.

What is considered a passing score for me to be considered “Information Competent”?   You must receive at least 80% on the Pre-test or the Post-test.  Some instructors may set a higher passing score, such as 85% or 90%, so make sure you follow what your instructor requires.

What if I know all this stuff already?   Fine, just take the Pre-test, score at least 80%, and you’re done.  Your instructor can see your score. You won’t have to go through the learning modules or take the Post-test.

What if I get less than 80% on the Pre-test?   Can I take it again?  No.  You only get to take the Pre-test once. This is designed to allow you to "test out" of the assignment. If you don't score well, you need to take the modules and learn these information skills. Those scoring less than 80% must complete all the modules and exercises before taking the Post-test. The exercises will take between 3 to 4 hours to finish.

What if I score less than 80% on the Post-test?   Never fear.  We want you to succeed, so you are allowed unlimited attempts at the Post-test.  It is possible to get 100% if you are persistent.

Are the tests the same for everyone?   No, the questions are randomized so that you will have different questions than other students in your class.

Where can I take the test?  You can take the test from any internet computer: campus labs, your home computer, or on the Library Research stations.  Make sure you configure the browser correctly for WebCT each time you use a new computer.  See Browser Tune Up.                                                                

Contact: Linda J. Goff, ljgoff@csus.edu 278-5981 or Reza Peigahi 278-5246 reza.peigahi@csus.edu LJG:  7/12/05