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Table of Contents

Careers in Anthropology


Anthropology Research Guide Created by:

Debbie Rogenmoser
Reference Librarian

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Edited by:

H. Reza Peigahi
Instruction/Anthropology Librarian

(updated 8/7/2012)

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General Anthropology

Anthropological Lives: Biographies of Eminent Anthropologists ref GN 20 .E7 1993

Companion Encyclopedia of Anthropology ref GN 25 .C65 1997

Countries and their Cultures  (ebook)

Encyclopedia of Archaeology: The Great Archaeologists ref CC 110 .E54 1999

Encyclopedia of the World's Nations and Cultures ref G 63 K874 2007 v.1-4

International Dictionary of Anthropologists ref GN 20 .I5 1991

Physical Anthropology

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution ref GN 281 .C345 1992

Dictionary of Concepts in Physical Anthropology ref GN 50.3 .S74 1991

The Encyclopedia of Evolution: Humanity's Search for its Origins ref GN 281 .M53 1990

Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory ref GN 281 .E53 2000

History of Physical Anthropology ref GN 50.3 .H57 1997

From Lucy to Language ref GN 281 .J57 1996

History of Physical Anthropology ref GN 50.3 .H57 1997

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Cultural Anthropology

Dictionary of Concepts in Cultural Anthropology ref GN 307 .W56 1991

Dictionary of Latin American Racial and Ethnic terminology ref GN 562 .S74 1999

Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology ref GN 307 .E52 1996

Encyclopedia of Religious Rites, Rituals, and Festivals ref BL 31 .E47 2004

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture  (ebook)

Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology ref GN 307 .E648 1996

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America  (ebook)

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America ref TX 349 E45 2004

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life ref GN 333 .W67 1998

CRC Ethnobotany Desk Reference ref GN 476.73 .J66 1999

Cultural Anthropology: a Guide to Reference and Information Sources ref GNZ 5111 .K53 1991

Cultural Anthropology: Ethnic Groups

The Encyclopedia of the Peoples of the World ref GN 495.4 .E53 1993

Ethnic Cultures of the World: a Statistical Reference
 ref GN 495.4 .P37 1997

Ethnic Groups Worldwide: a Ready Reference Handbook ref GN 325 .L46 1998

Ethnic Relations: a Cross-cultural Encyclopedia ref GN 496 .L48 1994

Social and Cultural Anthropology : the Key Concepts ref GN 316 .R37 2000

Peoples of the World. Africans South of the Sahara ref GN 645 .M67

Peoples of the World. Asians and Pacific Islanders: the Culture, Geographical Setting, and Historical Background of 41 Asian and Pacific Island Peoples
ref GN 308.3 .A83 M6 1993

Peoples of the World. North Americans: the Culture, Geographical Setting, and Historical Background of 37 North American Peoples ref GN 550 .M67 1991

Peoples of the World. Western Europeans: the Culture, Geographical Setting, and Historical Background of 38 Western European Peoples ref GN 575 .M68 1993


The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Hunters and Gatherers ref GN 388 .C35 1999

Archaeological Method and Theory: an Encyclopedia ref CC 75 .A654 2000

Archaeology on Film  ref CC 85 .Z9 A4 1995

Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America: An Encyclopedia
ref F 1218.6 .A73 2001

The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Industrial Archaeology ref T 37 .B55 1992

California Rock Art: an Annotated Site Inventory and Bibliography
 ref E 78 .C15 S68 1995

Companion Encyclopedia of Archaeology
 ref CC 70 .C59 1999

A Dictionary of Archaeology
 ref CC 70 .D53 1999

Dictionary of Concepts in Archaeology
 ref CC 70 .M45 1993

Encyclopedia of Archaeology: History and Discoveries
 ref CC 100 .E54 2001

Encyclopedic dictionary of Archaeology
 ref CC 70 .K56 2000

Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa
 ref DT 2 .E53 1997

Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
 ref DT 58 .E53 1998

An Encyclopedia of the History of Classical Archaeology
 ref DE 5 .E5 1996

Encyclopedia of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology
 ref CC 77 .U5 E53 1997

The Oxford Companion to Archaeology
 ref CC 70 .O96 1996

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East
 ref DS 56 .O9 1997

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Abstracts of Folklore Studies ref GR 1 .A52

American Folklore: an Encyclopedia ref GR 101 .A54 1996

Dictionary of Chicano Folklore ref GR 111 .M49 C37 2000

A dictionary of Folklore ref GR 35 .P5 1999

The dictionary of Sacred and Magical Plants ref GR 780 .R3813 1992

Encyclopedia of Urban Legends ref GR 105.34 .B78 2001

Folklore: an Encyclopedia of Beliefs, Customs, Tales, Music, and Art ref GR 35 .F63 1997

Folklore and Folklife: a Guide to English-language Reference Sources ref GRZ 5981 .S74 1992

Larousse Dictionary of World Folklore ref GR 35 .J664 1995

Medieval folklore: an Encyclopedia of Myths, Legends, Tales, Beliefs, and Customs ref GR 35 .M43 2000

The Penguin Dictionary of American Folklore ref GR 105.34 .A94 2000

The Storyteller's Sourcebook: a Subject, Title, and Motif Index to Folklore Collections for Children, 1983-1999 ref GR 74.6 .M3 2001

See also CSUS research guide Humanities: World Mythology and Folklore

Research Guides

Annual Review of Anthropology - Archival issues available in JSTOR. Print 1972-current available ref GNZ 5112 .A5

Anthropological Resources: a Guide to Archival, Library, and Museum Collections ref GN 14 .A77 1999

Films for Anthropological Teaching ref GN 42.3 .Z9 H44 1995

Fieldwork in the Library: a Guide to Research in Anthropology and Related Area Studies ref GNZ 5111 .W47 1994

Finding the Source in Sociology and Anthropology ref HMZ 7164 .S68 B75 1987

Guide to the Collections of the Human Studies Film Archives ref GN 347 .S64 1995

Introduction to Library Research in Anthropology
 ref GNZ 5111 .W44 1991

Outline of World Cultures
 ref GN 34 .M8 1983

The Student Anthropologist's Handbook
 ref GN 34.7 .F7

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Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations and Theses Full-Text
Finding CSUS Masters Theses and Projects

Finding Books

Use EUREKA (The Online Catalog of Books) to find books by Keyword, Author, Title, or Library of Congress Subject Heading.

Or Browse the collection by Call Number. The relevant call numbers in Anthropology are:

Physical Anthropology - GN 60

Human Evolution - GN 200's

Ethnology - GN 300-400

Prehistoric Peoples - GN 700's

Folklore - GR

Manners and Customs - GT

Archaeology - CC

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Indexes to the Periodical Literature

  • Printed Indexes

Abstracts in Anthropology (1970-2000) ref GN 1 .A15

Anthropological Literature (1989-1999) ref GNZ 5112 .A43

Sage Race Relations Abstracts
(1975-1991, 1994-current) HMZ 7164 .R12 S12

  • Electronic Indexes

Unless noted otherwise; electronic indexes are restricted to CSUS students, faculty, & staff. Instructions for off-campus access are available at Off-Campus Access to Library E-Resources

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Selected Journals

Listed below are representative samples of titles currently received at CSUS Library. Those journals that are also available online or are available fulltext in a database are indicated.
General Anthropology/Cross Disciplinary

Anthropology Newsletter

Current Anthropology

Journal of Anthropological Research

Plains Anthropologist

Physical Anthropology

American Journal of Physical Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology

American Anthropologist
 available in JSTOR

American Ethnologist  available in JSTOR

Anthropological Quarterly

Anthropology & Education Quarterly
 available in Education Full Text (Wilson)

Asian Perspective

Cross-Cultural Research  available in Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)

Ethnology  available in Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)

Human Ecology Forum  available in Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)

Human Organization   available in MetaPress

Journal of Ethnobiology


American Antiquity  available in JSTOR

Ancient Mesoamerica

Journal of Anthropological Archaeology

Journal of Archaeological Science

Journal of Field Archaeology  available in JSTOR

Latin American Antiquity  available in JSTOR

Near Eastern Archaeology

World Archaeology available in JSTOR


Journal of American Folklore

Western Folklore  available in Literature Online Reference Edition

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Internet Sites

American Anthropological Association -

Anthropology in the News -

Archaeology on the Net -

Archives of European Archaeology -


California Academy of Sciences: Department of Anthroplogy -

California State University, Sacramento: Anthropology Museum -

California State University, Sacramento Department of Anthropology: Barthelemy Collection of Tarascan Folklife -

Ethnographic Studies -

Ethnologue: Languages of the World -

Humanities: World Mythology and Folklore
- CSUS Research

Institute of Human Origins -

Internet Resources for Social and Cultural Anthropology -

National Archaeological Database -

National Park Service: Archaeology & Ethnography Program -

National Park Service: National NAGPRA Home -

National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian): Department of Anthropology

SAR, School for Advanced Research -

Society for American Archaeology -

Society for American Archaeology Style Guide -

Society for California Archaeology -

Society for Historical Archaeology -

Tribal Photography Resource and Gallery -

UCSB Anthropology Department -

Yahoo Directory/Anthroplogy & Archaeology

Careers in Anthropology

Careers in anthropology GN 41.8 .O56 2001

Careers in anthropology: What an anthropology degree can do for you GN 41.8 .S74 2002

Great jobs for anthropology majors GN 41.8 .C35 2005

Guide to careers in physical anthropology GN 62 .G85 2002

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