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CSUS Library Instructional Services

2000 State University Drive East, Sacramento, CA, 95819-6039

Mission Statement:
It is the mission of the CSUS Instructional Services unit to promote the use of library resources as an array of teaching/learning tools and assist students, scholars and community users in developing and fostering information seeking and evaluation skills. The means to achieve this goal can be realized through a combination of instructional sessions, tours, online tutorials, or personal consultations that allow the student scholar to learn via a format that matches their learning style.

Instructional Services Department Staff

Linda J. Goff
Head of Instructional Service
E-mail to Linda Goff -
Telephone- (916) 278-5981
Fax - (916)278-5661
Personal Web Page

H. Reza Peigahi
Instruction Librarian
E-mail to Reza Peigahi-
Telephone- (916) 278-5246
Fax - (916)278-5661
Karen Jackson
Library Instruction Assistant
E-mail to Karen Jackson -
Telephone- (916) 278-5822
Fax - (916)278-5661

Information Competence

Information Competence Assignment for Communications Studies and Other Disciplines

CSUS recognizes that it is crucial that our graduates be prepared for life in a knowledge-driven, technology-based society. Incoming students may not have the computer and information competencies necessary for success in this technological society, so we are committed to provide students with opportunities to explore the uses of computers as tools for learning and for information gathering and evaluation.

With the assistance of the University Library, the Communication Studies Department has integrated an Information Competence Tutorial into both COMS 4 and COMS 5 classes. Other professors are choosing to require it for their classes as well.  Only the students registered in one of the participating classes can access the IC modules in WebCT. For a description of the IC project go the link above. The tutorials (without the pre-test, exercises and post-test) can be viewed here.

CSUS has adopted a policy requiring our students to demonstrate their abilities to acquire, process, communicate, and critically evaluate information using current electronic technologies before graduation. For the complete text of this policy and related Information Competence information go to the CSUS Information Competence page. The CSU System has funded a grant for CSUS to provide Information Competence for Future Teachers. Click here for a copy of the proposal. Click here the Report.


Library Tours

  • Guided Tours: The CSUS Library offers a variety of ways to explore its facilities and services. During the second and third week of both the fall and spring semesters a regular schedule of guided tours are offered. Reservations are not necessary; just meet in the Library lobby at the one of the times posted. Some instructors require proof that you have taken a library tour so be sure to ask for a tour receipt
  • Virtual Tour: Take a Virtual Tour of the Library at:
  • Self-Guided Tours: Throughout the year you may also take an individual self-guided Checkpoint Tour. It takes approximately 45-minutes to walk through five floors of the building. Ask for a tour receipt when you return the tour to the desk. The Checkpoint Tour booklet is available at the Information Desk.

Library Lectures

Library Instruction Workshops

  • Drop-in workshops on Database Searching and Searching the World Wide Web are offer for each week for most of the semester.
    For a description and schedule of workshop sessions, click here.

  • The scripts for both workshops can be viewed directly: Demystifying Library Databases (2002) | Search Engine Strategies (2002)

Library Instruction Labs, Library 2023 and 2024

  • The two library instruction labs are located adjacent to the campus computer lab on 2 NORTH. The larger lab, 2023, contains 30 student stations (with 45 chairs) while the smaller lab, 2024 contains 15 IBM stations (with 30 chairs).  These labs were established so that librarians can offer hands-on instruction in the wide variety of databases available on the Library Home Page and World Wide Web.  Faculty members may contact Linda Goff or any one of the Librarian Subject Specialists to make an appointment to bring your class to the Lab for instruction.


Group Visits from Schools and other Non-affiliated Groups

  • Guided group tours are only offered during the second and third weeks of the term so that we can maintain a quiet study environment for our users. We cannot accommodate field trip requests from elementary schools. However, if a class has a defined research project and their teacher can certify that the library resources available to them in their school and public library are insufficient they may request an instruction session. A limited number of sessions for junior and senior high school students can be scheduled during our January Intersession or after Memorial Day. We require that all such visitors honor our Guidelines for Group Visits.

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