The ACM Digital Library makes its debut on our List of Databases!

By Maria Kochis, Computer Science and Engineering Librarian

Two Computer Science databases – the ACM Digital Library and the ACM Guide to Computing Literature – showed up on the CSUS Library’s list of databases late last semester. These databases are key research tools for Computer Science students. Before their appearance, the Library did not have a database geared specifically for Computer Science students and faculty so both of these databases – which are part of the same package – help fill a niche. These databases also serve the disciplines of Computer Engineering, Management of Information Sciences, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Founded in 1947, The ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is an established publisher for computing literature. Up until last semester, the Library subscribed to an ACM print package and received journals, transactions, trade magazines and some conference proceedings in printed form. Back issues of these periodicals and proceedings will be kept in the Library, but no new print issues will be forthcoming. Our Library canceled the print package in order to pay for the ACM Digital Library through an offer negotiated between the CSU Chancellor’s Office and the ACM.

The ACM Digital Library is comprised of full text current and archived articles from ACM journals, transactions, magazines, proceedings, newsletters, publications by affiliated organizations and special interest groups. The DL’s claim to fame is that it includes the full text of every article ever published by the ACM.

The ACM Online Guide to Computing Literature is a citation only database. It indexes bibliographic citations from major publishers of computing literature. Citations are for books, journal articles, conference proceedings, dissertations, theses and technical reports.

Key features of the ACM Digital Library and the ACM Online Guide to Computing Literature include the following:

Both databases can be found near the top of the Library’s Database and Article Searching page or by doing a Broad Category search for Engineering & Computer Science databases or a Specific Subject search for Computer Science databases within the databases page. It can also be found through Prospector, the Library’s new platform for accessing the databases. Send any comments or questions you have regarding either of these two databases to Maria Kochis at I’ll be glad to help.