New Value Line Research Center Subscription Provides Expanded Access

By Anne Bradley, Business Reference Librarian

With the start of the Fall 2006 semester the Sac State Library is pleased to announce the arrival of online access to Value Line, one of the most respected sources for investment analysis around.  The Value Line Research Center actually gives Sac State students, faculty, and staff coverage of more companies than previously available from our print subscription.  Value Line Research Center provides the following content:

The Value Line Investment Survey (1,700 companies)
The Value Line Investment Survey– Small & Mid-Cap Edition (1,800 companies)
The Value Line Database Companies (4,000 companies)
The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey
The Value Line Daily Options Survey
The Value Line Special Situations Service
The Value Line Convertibles Survey
The Value Line ETF Survey

Every section of the Investment Survey previously available in print is now online including the Ratings & Reports, Selection & Opinion, and Summary & Index

Don’t have a clue what “timeliness” means? Mystified by P/E ratios? In case you are new to the world of investments, detailed guides explaining all figures on the Value Line reports are accessed simply by clicking the “Education” tab at the top of the screen. Want help investing in common stocks or mutual funds?  Or building a portfolio? Investing guides, and more, are also provided under “Education.”

While our print copy of Value Line Investment Survey is no more, archival access to historical reports is available.  Online archived reports start in 1997 for most of the largest companies.  If reports older than 1997 are needed, the Library maintains print or microfiche copies back to 1969.

As with most Library databases, you have to access Value Line from the Library’s homepage,, by choosing Database and Article Searching and opening up the DPI page. It’s in the “V”s in the alphabetical list on the right.

For questions, comments, or training on Value Line Research Center please contact Anne Bradley: or 916-278-4350.