Christy Stevens Joins Library Faculty!

By Kathryn Blackmer-Reyes, Reference Librarian

In September Christy Stevens joined the ranks of library faculty.  Christy, a native of San Jose, California, came to us by way of West Georgia University where she was a reference librarian for three years.  Christy is the new Humanities Librarian and will be taking on the selection duties for areas of Humanities, English, Religious Studies, and Linguistics.  She is doing the job that three other librarians took on when Cliff Wood retired in 2001. 

Christy grew up in the areas of Saratoga and Campbell (near San Jose) and in those days was all about basketball (no, she's not very tall – but certainly athletic enough to impress her colleagues during a bowling night) and headed down to Southern California on a basketball scholarship at a Catholic high school in San Diego. 

As her college years came to an end she came to realize that basketball was certainly not going to be her career and decided that she enjoyed working with students, teaching, and being in an academic environment.  Her goal was to be an English Professor.  Upon completing her B.A., as a Valedictorian no less, she attended San Diego State University, where she received an M.A. in Women’s Studies with a concentration in Twentieth-Century Women's Fiction and Feminist Theory. Her M.A. research was on Twentieth-Century American Literature and Poststructuralist Literary Theory. As life happens to all of us, instead of entering the Ph.D. program in English at the University of California, Irvine, she decided libraries were in her future. Off she went to the University of Iowa for the MLIS.

At West Georgia University, she was a reference librarian but also provided bibliographic instruction.  Her experience as a T.A. and Graduate Instructor during her graduate studies served to prepare her to be a library instructor.  She has experience in preparing and developing lesson plans, policies, and assignments.  The combination of teaching critical thinking to undergraduates as an instructor and her skills as a librarian will most certainly give our students the best preparation to conduct their research.