Retrospective Map Cataloging Project

By Israel Yañez, Bibliographic Control Dept.

The Library has undertaken a retrospective cataloging project of its map collection.  Under the general direction of Charlotte Xanders (Bibliographic Control) and Bill Kristie (Reference), the project is a collaborative effort involving staff from the two Library departments.

The Map Collection is located on 2 NORTH, behind the computer lab.  There are three locations in Eureka for the maps:  Wall Maps, File Maps and Drawer Maps. 

Wall Maps are maps that are mounted on wooden rods and are housed in bins. File Maps are housed in file cabinets and include CIA maps (on 8.5 x 11” sheets), road maps, California soil maps, aeronautical maps, flood insurance rates maps among other types.  Drawer Maps are housed in flat drawers and include more CIA maps (on larger sheets), National Geographic maps, topographical maps, and other types.

Map cabinets

The Library has owned the maps collection for years, but there were no records in our online catalog for them.  Most of the wall maps and all of the CIA maps have been cataloged, resulting in approximately 1740 new bibliographic records in Eureka.  Of those records, more than 1300 are now accessible.  This ongoing project will make the several thousand maps in our collection more accessible to library patrons.

To search for these maps in EUREKA, you may do a simple keyword search and select “Atlases and Maps” from the drop down menu as show below:

Eureka Catalog Search Form