Third Time’s the Charm

By Roz Van Auker, Education Reference Librarian

Sharp-eyed library users who have visited the Sac State Library database list recently have noticed that a new listing “ERIC (EbscoHost)” has appeared.

Beginning in Fall of 2006, the Library has changed vendors for our ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) database access.  We now provide ERIC access with the familiar EbscoHost interface.  This change has made the following improvements for our users:

ERIC was started by the federal government in 1966 as a way to share information among educators and education researchers nationwide.  It contains many full text education documents (conference papers, grant reports, public agency documents, etc.) but does not provide full text journal articles.  The U.S. Department of Education maintains a publicly accessible version at .  The CSUS Library now has both the U.S. Department of Education version and the EbscoHost version linked from our database list.  Users preferring the prior version, produced by OCLC FirstSearch, can still access that version by selecting any OCLC database (such as Article First) from the CSUS Library databases, then listing the OCLC database menu and selecting ERIC OCLC.