Library Symposium

The Library will be hosting a symposium Visions of Change: Academic Libraries in Transition on Friday, January 26, 2007. Speakers will consist of library leaders who have been recognized as having brought about significant change in their libraries. Please see the symposium web page for further information on time, location, and RSVP:

Big Move

In January all oversized books that used to be shelved on other floors will be relocated to 2 North, near the Reference area. Because of their size, they don’t fit the standard shelf height or width that hold most books. These books, called quartos and folios in library lingo, have been shelved in their own area on other floors. EUREKA, the Library catalog, will note the location changes.

EUREKA Software Updated

EUREKA, the Library catalog, underwent a software upgrade during the summer. One noteworthy new feature is the default “Relevance” order display of results when a Simple Search by Keyword is done. There are five levels of “Relevance” and each level displays in date order. Before the upgrade, the entire results list was in date order. Please explore the new features in EUREKA and send us any suggestions or comments you may have. A link to the suggestion box is at the bottom of each page.

Check out the Databases Under Review

We are always watching out for new products and resources for you and our students. Some offers come directly to us from vendors while others are negotiated by the Chancellor's Office for all CSUs. When we evaluate new databases, usually as a trial, we post a link in Databases Under Review. We appreciate hearing your opinions and suggestions on these trials.

Exhibits in the Library

The Department of Special Collections and University Archives will be exhibiting "The Art of Book Illustration" from November 27, 2006 to January 4, 2007. The exhibit focuses on the evolution of illustrated text from the 11th century to the present and the pivotal role technology has played - a rich and complex merger between the world of art and the technical processes associated with printmaking. In addition, viewers see the development of illustration against the backdrop of social and artistic movements.