Welcome to the New Library Collections Newsletter!

By Tamara Frost Trujillo, Sr. Associate Dean & Coordinator for Collection Development

We are pleased to inaugurate LIBRARY LIAISON with this issue and hope you find our newsletter both interesting and informative. The focus of the newsletter will be news about Library collections and related services that we think will be important and interesting to faculty in our academic departments. The newsletter will be published three times a year, distributed electronically and archived on the Library’s Website. Electronic distribution of the newsletter will be to the Library liaisons in academic departments and to department chairs. We encourage you to distribute to others within your department.

The idea for this newsletter resulted from the two-day Open House the Library hosted in November 2005. We received much enthusiastic and positive feedback and we want to build on that with this newsletter. We plan to continue sharing information with you about new materials and related services in the Library on a regular basis.

We invite your feedback on the newsletter approach and on its contents. We would particularly welcome any suggestions for future articles that you or your colleagues would find helpful. With all best wishes for the fall semester

Tamara Frost Trujillo
Senior Associate Dean &
Coordinator for Collection Development