Budget Status for Library Collections

By Tamara Frost Trujillo, Sr. Associate Dean & Coordinator for Collection Development

The overall Library base budget was reduced by $343,000 in FY03/04 and by an additional $500,000 in FY04/05. Of the total reduction last year, $400,000 was taken from the library materials budget for books, periodicals, electronic resources, multimedia and other library resources. This constitutes an approximate 18.3% reduction in the base budget to support the library collection compared to FY03/04.

As elsewhere on campus, how best to deal with the budget reductions and increasing costs continues to be a challenge. Considerable discussion and study with the Library faculty and with PIAOG (a Library standing committee that deals with periodicals, indexes, and abstracts acquisitions and cancellations) has occurred this past academic year on how to manage this reduction with the least negative effects to our primary users – faculty, students, and staff.

With this goal in mind, the primary strategy this past fiscal year has been to review current subscriptions for periodicals and to identify all those that are available in the CSUS Library in more than one format (most typically print and electronic). Given the preference for electronic access to periodical literature by both faculty and students, cancellations to print versions of periodicals will proceed in early FY05/06 of those titles where the equivalent electronic version has been identified and reviewed by Library faculty. This review is continuing and will be concluded by the end of the first quarter.

In addition, during FY05/06 the Library will also undertake a review of all print periodical subscriptions for usage and of circulation data for books. The Library now has 5+ years of usage data to consult.

Funds available for books and all other library materials other than periodicals, indexes, and abstracts have also been impacted. The overall decrease of monies in FY04/05 for books, media and other library materials was limited to 19% because previous one time year end funds were available to offset an otherwise greater reduction. This fiscal year, the impact on the budget for books, media and other library materials will be partly offset by savings from the above cancellations of print periodicals. Nevertheless, we expect the impact on books, media and special library materials to be substantially more than last year.

To summarize: Library materials allocation from base budget funds:

Overall reduction, again, is $400,000 or approximately 18.3% of FY03/04 base. Immediate savings being created with cancelled titles are expected to be about $100,000. Further review of duplicate formats and a review of usage of periodicals and books will be made during this fiscal year.

Questions can be directed to Tamara Frost Trujillo at tftrujillo@csus.edu or 278-7508