Biological Abstracts Is Here!

By Debbie Metzger, Science and Technology Librarian

The Chancellor’s office has finally heard our plea for a comprehensive biology database and has added Biological Abstracts to the core collection. Searchable through the Library’s Database and Periodical Indexes page, or via Prospector (, you can access the most recent 3.5 years of citations and abstracts. This new resource will replace BasicBIOSIS as our primary database for biological information.

This huge index references the bibliographic information of more than 4,000 journals, covering life and biomedical sciences world-wide. Biological Abstracts directs users to information on life science topics from botany to microbiology to pharmacology, serving to connect researchers with critical journal coverage. About 90% of new citations include an author abstract.

You can limit your search to many parameters including the type of organism, document type, development stage, sequence type, role of the organism, and organ system.

Give it a try, and if you’d like a demonstration, or have questions on how to search this great addition to our collection, contact one of the Science Librarians: Eileen Heaser (biology), Leilani Hall (chemistry), or Debbie Metzger (environmental studies)