How I Spent My Summer Gyrations
By Terry Webb, Library Administration

This summer I was cornered into being the chairperson of a new committee of the CSU Council of Library Directors (COLD) for the coming year. It is the System-wide Technology Initiatives Management committee, or STIM. I and the other COLD and STIM folks, including staff from the Chancellor’s Office (CO), spent a lot of time in early summer getting the group organized and setting up the first meeting, which we held in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.

Part of our charge is to advise COLD and the CO on technology, and recommend system-wide purchases and strategies to integrate library technology among the CSU libraries. The idea is to obtain good technology and lower prices through consortial purchasing. These are not new ideas by any means, and in fact STIM is a successor to an earlier committee that is in sunset mode. STIM will also look at campus-specific initiatives including policies, application development, specialized databases, digital collections, and others to assess their potential for sharing across the system.

STIM will engage in several goals of the new COLD strategic plan, and because we have two persons on STIM from our Library (Carlos is a member, too), we can make sure our interests are represented. Although the first STIM meeting was intended to be mainly organizational, there were lively discussions, and a list of technology and application priorities was compiled, which will be presented to COLD September 7-9. After COLD has input to the list, STIM will refine it into an action plan. I’m pretty sure you will be hearing more about STIM.

And speaking of COLD’s strategic plan, I took my folders of the copious notes from our own strategic plan meetings and work groups of last year with me to China. I also took the COLD plan, the Destination 2010 outline, the Deans’ memorandum on 2010, and recent strategic plans from several libraries and universities I know fairly well. While waiting in airports, airplanes, and hotel rooms, I spent my time reading and re-reading everything, and trying to put it all together. I came back to Sacramento with a draft strategic plan for you to review. I’ve been known to be myopic at times, but I think the draft comes fairly close to accommodating the ideas we have discussed over the last couple of years in our self-study project, the program review process, and our strategic planning sessions.

The Executive Committee is looking over the draft plan now. Everyone will be able to have a look at it very soon.

BTW, China was great, as always.