Self Study: Credit Where it is Due
By Terry Webb, Library Administration

A few days ago, Ben Amata reminded me that the Library continues to receive high praise from the Academic Affairs office for our Self-Study and the Program Review. Our approach to the project was original, productive, and thought-provoking. In addition to describing the Library in the terminology of teaching and learning, and demonstrating that Library employees are bona fide educators, the Self-Study also opened the door to assessment methods that could change the way academic libraries measure their effectiveness. We were also recognized for the high level of employee involvement in the Self-Study process across the Library’s departments.

More than one Academic Affairs administrator suggested that our approach to the Self-Study would likely be of interest to the WASC Accrediting Commission as an example of how “academic support” units can demonstrate their direct linkages to the effectiveness measures of their institutions. Members of COLD and STIM have also been interested in our Self-Study and our approach to library assessment, and some have requested copies of the Self-Study.

I remain sincerely grateful to you for your buy-in regarding the concepts we employed in the Self-Study, for your intelligence, for the many, many hours you invested in the project, and for your continuing involvement in the Strategic Plan and in the project to design new, quantitative library assessment methods. Our work certainly changed the way I look at libraries, and I believe we will certainly change the way the University views the Library. Thank you very much.

Even more praise is due you, according to the results we recently received from the Performance Matrix Report, a library customer satisfaction survey conducted among CSU libraries in 2004-05. Out of 17 measures of such factors as building conditions, collection usefulness, overall services, etc., our Library—i.e., YOU—had the highest score in the category of Helpfulness of Library Staff!

Of all the factors scored, this is clearly the most important by far. Thank you and thank you again. I’ll do my best to help you keep up your outstanding work any way I possibly can.