Exhibits: Past, Present and Future
By Carol Gebel, Library Exhibits Committee

The Exhibits Committee has more good news to announce: a second set of display cases has been renovated. The side-by-side cases on the mezzanine are now outfitted with sliding glass doors instead of the old, heavy and dangerous doors that lifted up.

The first exhibit to make use of the cases is the CSUS Geography Club. Their exhibit highlights Geography Awareness Week (Nov. 13 through Nov. 19). The display includes one case on the first floor and will be on view until the end of the fall semester. The wide array of atlases emphasizes the relevance of geography and the breadth of its appeal in the modern world. Included are atlases that emphasize places, such as Louisiana and the Amazon (The Atlas of the Amazon is co-authored by a CSUS alumni) and a range of subjects, including wine and biodiversity. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Day (Nov. 16) is part of this celebration of geography.

Oak Park Stories: A Service Learning Project in Urban Geography details the exploration of this Sacramento neighborhood through the study of maps, directories, old newspapers and oral histories conducted with residents of the district. These sources reveal the changes that overcame the small, family and business community as it faced the challenges of growth.

GIS is explored in detail in the first floor single case that presents Tools and Technology in Geography. This exhibit features a marine sextant, several compasses, a range of map types, the eTrex Legend personal navigator, and the ArcGIS 9 program.

The Women’s Studies Program has put together this very informative and riveting display which introduces our students to the history of women in the twentieth century. The first floor’s side-by-side cases present Women’s Studies at CSUS: the First Decade, an exhibit prepared by the CSUS Women’s Studies Program that focuses on women’s issues in the 1970s. A collection of pivotal books from Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique to Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex and Kate Millet’s Sexual Politics share the cases with Ms magazine, as well as posters and leaflets concerning women’s physical and mental health, art, role in the work force, and the women’s rights movement. This exhibit will also be on view through the end of the fall semester.