JAAC Volunteers Honored
By Linda Goff, Library Instruction

At the October 25, 2005 meeting of the Japanese American Archival Collection Advisory Board two of our most faithful volunteers, Fusa Yamamoto and Reiko Nagumo were honored for their long-term service in support of the JAAC with plaques and traditional Daruma dolls. The filled-in eye on the doll indicates a goal accomplished, while the blank eye indicates there are still other goals to set.

Head of SCUA, Sheila O'Neill, is effusive in her description of Reiko Nagumo and Fusa Yamamoto:

“Fusa and Reiko are such amazing women in their own right, both highly educated, well-traveled, and so knowledgeable about the world we live in today. These two Neisei women, who were sent to American concentration camps with their families during WWII, have served as models to those of us who have had the honor of working with them in the Department of Special Collections and University Archives. Reiko and Fusa have given hundreds of hours of their time in the service of the Library, helping to preserve and describe letters, photographs, and other documentation from a wide range of manuscript collections, including the papers of feminist scholar and Sacramento State professor emeritus, Sally Wagner. Their combined energies and generosity of spirit inspire us all. Their friendship is treasured beyond words.”