Innovative Users Group Conference
By Diana Winckel, Serials Unit Supervisor

Although it was the 13 the Annual Innovative Users Group Conference, held in San Francisco May 1-4, 2005, it was my first. I not only had the opportunity to learn more about Millennium but also saw how large and global Innovative is. The attendees for the conference numbered well over 1,500.

The workshops I attended were primarily related to Serials. A brief synopsis of the material covered is as follows:

Millennium Serials: Tips and Tricks for Efficiency
The presenter focused on keyboard shortcuts and customizing Millennium to work efficiently and effectively to one’s style. Learning the various keyboard command functions and options provide a much quicker and smoother workflow without the interruption of the mouse “point and click”.

Playing with Matches: Using Regular Expressions in the Create Lists Function
This workshop was informative and quite detailed. Using the Create List tool for the construction of complicated searches to extract precise information can be helpful in all areas. One could use literal characters or metacharacters to create a search string. The presenter’s focus on using this application was primarily for bibliographic database maintenance to identify and clean up problems, but other examples were given as well.

Creative Create Lists: Tips, Tricks and Traps
The emphasis of this workshop was to give an overview and examples of how to pull records together from data stored in the system to create specific lists. Examples of lists could be anything from booklists to statistics, to delete or update records as a batch, to produce a list and print to e-mail, send as a script to make a web page, and, to export to Access for further manipulation.

Inventory: Let Us Count The Ways
Three basic inventory systems were discussed:
1) Percon
2) Live using wireless laptops
3) Printed shelf list

Having used two processes in my past I was primarily interested in what the presenter found useful and his thoughts on the Percon Reader. Technically he found the Percon equipment to be problematic but it can be a useful tool if you stay within its limits. He found the wireless laptop to be a more useful tool for comprehensive inventories and it works in real time.

Serials Forum
This workshop discussed the new features available in the 2005 release such as:
-Staff Note: Notes can be chosen for public display or staff only display. Serials staff notes can be made accessible to other departments in view mode only.
-Access item records from the check-in box
-Custom status labels

The speaker also shared a sneak preview of some of the new features that have been approved for the 2006 preliminary list.

Serials Xanadu : Available Functions and Features
This workshop was designed to inform Millennium users how incorporating the full extent of Serials features, thus using Millennium to the full extent of its design, would improve departmental service.

The workshops were great, with something for everyone’s interests and needs. I have some printouts of the programs which I attended. Please let me know if you are interested in seeing them.