Feeling Good at a MVLS Administrative Council Meeting
By Fred Batt, Library Administration

I thought I was off the hook.

The meeting was running late. I wanted to get back to CSUS and the always-persistent pile of work on my desk. My Reference Committee Report was the last agenda item and I was ready to fly out the door the second that I finished.

Then the always pert Chair said, “OK, now let’s go around the room,” meaning that everyone would report on what was going on in their library. I groaned (privately) and jotted down on my already packed-and-ready-to-go agenda envelope a few things to say. I was near the beginning and thought about bailing as soon as I was finished (I chickened out).

However, my short report (and the non-verbal cues that I perceived in the process) had me feeling good. I joined the almost universal doom-and-gloom budgetary reports, but I was able to note other things that, taken together, seemed somewhat impressive and reflected well on our Library. I mentioned

What’s my message here? We should feel good about all that we are doing. We are involved in activities that many librarians do not have an opportunity to experience.

These were only the things that came to mind given the few seconds I had to jot down some notes and I felt good as I reported it to the MVLS group.