Exhibits: Past, Present, and Future
By Carol Gebel, Chair, Library Exhibits Committee

The walls are decked with exhibits! Do take a look at Phenomenal Women on the third floor; it’s part of a student project and will be departing at the end of March. The first floor walls display Watercolors by former Library Dean Charles Martell. If the birds look familiar that is because they are his renditions of plates that John James Audubon created while exploring North America. Can you identify the birds without reading the captions?

Library artists provide an encore to their performance! Several people asked to see more art by library employees and Library Artistry is the result. This exhibit is on the first floor in the cases beneath the escalators and includes works by student employees as well as other library employees. The display includes a great range of media; the exhibit committee hopes you will enjoy this long-term display.

Also on the first floor until the end of March is the Diabetes Awareness Month exhibit by CSUS librarians Mary Hicks and Eileen Heaser. Greater awareness of this devastating disease can lead to earlier detection and a better outcome for the patient.

Crisis in the Ranks: Under-Representation of Faculty of Color at CSUS addresses the question of diversity among the CSUS faculty. This exhibit is in the second floor mezzanine cases and is expected to be a long-term display.

In April the second floor will be host to Photographs: Portraits and Landscapes by Jana Shober of CSUS Department of Biological Sciences. Jana is a recent recipient of the Campus Employee Award.

A most special exhibit is soon to be revealed in the upright case on the first floor! Join the celebration of National Library Week, which at CSUS Library lasts for the month of April. And if you hear wisps of music, that is because the NLW exhibit is celebrating Jazz @ your library!