We continue to say "Good Luck" - B.J. Shaw departs
By Jared Jensen, Circulation

It’s official! Benjamin Shaw, or B.J. as he is known by most folks, (or even Benjamin J. Shaw, the California Poet by those with literary savvy) is leaving the Library for pastures of a greener variety.

Yes, what was once considered an impossibility is about to become very, very real. After nearly ten and a half years of loyal employ in the Circulation department as either a Student Assistant or as Staff, B.J. is leaving to teach English (and dabble in Yearbook) at Pleasant Grove High School--a new, first-year high school he had the good fortune of finding a permanent “gig” at.

B.J. began his career at the Library back in the hazy, crazy days of 1995 working for Ed Alston in the Stacks/Shelving Department making a whopping $5.50 an hour. He graduated with his BA in English in 1999, and around the same time “graduated” to a Library Assistant/Staff position, as manager of the Community Services Program/Night and Weekend Supervisor in the Circulation Department.

B.J. worked full time as Staff, while simultaneously laboring towards his Masters Degree. He earned his Masters in English with emphasis on Creative Writing in 2003. The collective fruits of his effort can be found in his thesis, Benjamin J. Shaw, theCalifornia Poet: a Bilogy(sic), and his CD, On CoucheS and Others—both available in this very Library! However, he is still most proud of his Associates Degree in Funkology from the James Brown School of the Arts.

With little to no rest, B.J. went from earning his Masters to getting his Teaching Credential, all while working full time as head of the CSO Department. In the fall of 2004 he completed the Teaching Credential program and began working as a temporary English teacher at Sheldon High School. If you haven’t seen B.J. around these parts lately, it is probably because he was working full time at the Library and teaching full time as well! Often his schedules would conflict. Yet, he was always here for us. ‘Nuff said.

Despite all the wonderful, sunshiny, fabulous memories B.J. has of the Library, and the company of so many here who are of the good (and proclaim goodness), B.J. is very excited to begin the next chapter of his life. He was married in the summer of 2004 to Holly, a former Student Assistant in Circulation and now registered nurse. They are presently in the process of having their own home built, and gazing excitedly into the magical future they will spend together as B.J. begins his career.

Come say goodbye to B.J. while he is still around. He will be so happy to see you! Don’t be intimidated, despite his appearance he is rarely violent. He leaves a sizable hole to fill in this Library. But we will always remember him with warm, fuzzy, wonderful feelings of goodness.

B.J. leaves officially at the end of July, which is pretty darn soon. Or, as B.J. would say: “Sickening.”