Marianne, the Librarian, off to D.C. Internship
By Anne Bradley, Reference Department

T he CSUS Library is losing another great employee as Marianne Reynolds leaves us to begin her career as a librarian at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) in Washington, D.C.

Marianne is one of a select group of individuals who has earned a spot in the National Library of Medicine Associate Fellowship Program. This postgraduate training fellowship is designed to “prepare librarians for future leadership roles in health sciences libraries and in health services research” and will last for one year. Starting in September, Marianne and the other Fellows will be trained by NLM experts to manage information at the National Library using a whole host of technologies and skills. After initial instruction, each Fellow will work hands-on with a NLM librarian on 2-3 projects. The program includes an optional second year at a health-related library or organization. So Marianne will have further career options to ponder after her first year at NLM.

Marianne has a long history here at the library, starting as a student worker. For almost ten years she has been an active and advocate co-worker. When Reference was subject divided and spread over 3 floors, Marianne was hired as a student assistant to work in the Humanities Department. She subsequently spent time in the Science Department, BCD, and Slides before graduating with her BA in humanities and theatre in December 1998. After graduation she was hired as a full-time Library Assistant in the Reference Department, rising to LA III last year.

Marianne wasn’t content to end her studies at the Bachelors level so after graduation she started working on a Masters degree at Sac State before deciding on library science at San José State University. Although her path to medical librarianship was not a goal at first, after experiencing personal health problems, she felt guided in that direction. Taking classes part-time for the last several years (including summers) while working has been slow but Marianne found her way to complete the program. She will complete her Master of Library and Information Science degree in August before heading east. Marianne has published several articles proving herself to be a scholar and a good researcher. These accomplishments will assure her a positive professional future.

Marianne assures me there are some things about the Library she’ll miss. Small things, such as the dress code. Wearing sandals and t-shirts, for example, will not be an option at the NLM. But most of all she’ll miss working with the students and covering the reference desk.

Please join the Reference Department in wishing Marianne great success as her career in librarianship takes off. Her enthusiastic and talented work with patrons at the desk and online as well as her skill in collection maintenance will be hard to replace. Her smile and helpfulness will be greatly missed. Marianne has been with us long enough to watch her mature from a student to valued colleague. While we are all proud of her accomplishments, we will miss her and I suspect many of our regular patrons will feel the same way. Her last day at the Library is August 3 rd.

Before she leaves Marianne would like to thank all the Library employees for their generous support over the years.