New Equipment on Ground and Roof of the Library
By Eileen Heaser, Safety, Security and Health Committee, Chair

If you have wondered about the new metal structure outside the Library Receiving area and on the roof visible from the 5th floor read on.

Verizon has brokered a deal with the campus to install a cell tower (dish) on the Library roof to provide cellular service in the area. They have already installed others on campus. We have some of the tallest buildings in the area, a feature important for the satellite dishes to function efficiently. The campus is compensated by Verizon for the use of our buildings.

The very large metal structure visible from the east window of the 5 th floor elevator lobby contains the computerized equipment to accompany the dish, visible beyond the computer. The diesel generator located outside of Library Receiving doors provides power to the computer equipment.

Carol Bowyer is in the process of determining any impact of diesel fumes that may vent from the generator into the air close to the doors into the library.

Diesel Generator outside Receiving

Roof structure visible from the 5th floor