Library Curriculum Collection and Learning Resources Display Center
By Roz Van Auker, Reference Department

There’s something new in the CSUS Library Curriculum Collection—in fact, there are many new things. As a result of efforts by Tamara Trujillo and Roz Van Auker, the Library was designated a Learning Resources Display Center (LRDC) by the California Department of Education last fall. From now on, the CSUS Library will regularly receive copies of all California state adopted K-8 instructional materials.

The purpose of the Learning Resources Display Center program is to make it easy for local school personnel and the public to see current state adopted curriculum materials and to browse materials under consideration for adoption. There are 25 LRDCs statewide, most of them displaying materials under consideration for adoption as well as materials already adopted. Space limitations led us to apply to be an “Adopted Materials Only” center, meaning we would provide access to materials after they are adopted. Materials received under the LRDC program are provided free-of-charge by the publishers and become part of the regular circulating Curriculum Collection (with the exception of duplicate teacher’s editions that will remain non-circulating for two years). As the new materials are received, they are unpacked and checked by Laura Archbold and Roz Van Auker. Materials are then sent to BCD and are cataloged by Inez Curtin and Madeleine Gaines.

Beginning with the Health materials, which were adopted in 2004 and received in February/March 2005, the adoption process will cycle through one subject area per year until all subjects have been covered; then the process begins again. Upcoming subjects and dates are: History-Social Science 2005, Science 2006, Visual & Performing Arts 2006, Mathematics 2007, Reading-Language Arts/English Language Development 2008, Foreign Languages 2012.

Further information about the textbook adoption process is available at the California Department of Education website: