Advancing Together, 21st Century Strategies for CSU Libraries
CSU Libraries Strategic Plan - Preliminary Planning Themes
By Terry Webb, Library Administration

The CSU Council of Library Deans (COLD) is about midway in its work of developing a new strategic plan. Have a look at the planning themes and objectives because they will involve us in two ways. First, the CSUS Library will certainly support the plan, and second, reviewing and discussing these themes and objectives will help us prepare to develop our own strategic plan for the CSUS Library over the next few months. Our strategic plan will be the subject of the all-employee retreat in January. More details to come.

The Council of Library Directors has identified three themes to guide the update of its strategic plan. Each theme includes a set of preliminary objectives, which are potential areas for action planning. The following pages present the draft themes, objectives, and associated actions in detail.

Advancing Student Success
Advancing Scholarship
Advancing Outreach & Community Service
  • Achieve Information Literacy for All Graduates
  • Support Retention/ Outreach
    Enhance Access to Resources and Services
  • Improve Facilities
  • Build Partnerships with Faculty
  • Support Increasing CSU Research/ Changing Faculty Role
  • Increase Awareness of Collection and Archives
  • Employ Innovative Technological Solutions
  • Create a System of Institutional Repositories
  • Partner with Faculty Development and Other CSU Offices
  • Strengthen Partnerships with Feeder Schools
  • Increase Fundraising
    Serve New Population Groups
  • Explore Community Information Hubs
  • Conduct National & Broader Outreach
  • Enhance Grant Seeking Capacity