Film Collection Donated by Harry Sweet
By Fang Gu, Head, Library Media Center

Over ten years ago, Harry Sweet, Sacramento Valley’s first television new camera operator in 1953, donated a collection of six million feet of film covering a variety of events from January 1967 through September 1981 to the University Library. Although it has been several years since we received the collection, the footage is currently available. In the collection are film of Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 California presidential primary campaign victory and the date of his tragic assassination, the SLA and the Patty Hearst kidnapping, and a broad range of sports coverage. Footage from January 2, 1967, for instance, shows both the gubernatorial inauguration of Ronald Reagan and a performance rehearsal by the late comedian Jack Benny.

Sacramento television station KOVR offered the collection to Sweet when the station was set to move into new facilities in 1990.

The collection is available for viewing at the Library Media Center by appointment only.