CSUS-Asian Libraries Exchange (CALE) Team in the CSUS Library

By Fang Gu, Head, Library Media Center

A team called CALE, abbreviation for CSUS-Asian Libraries Exchange, was set up several months ago in the library under the leadership of Library Dean Terry Webb. The goal of the team is to initiate and promote scholarly exchange programs between CSUS Library and other libraries in Asian countries. The team members are: Fang Gu, Jenny Leung, Hong Wang, Terry Webb, Bin Zhang and Joe Zhou. CALE has recently been awarded a generous grant by the Friends of the CSUS Library in the form of 1,500 volumes of used books to be donated to the new library of Macao University of Science and Technology, MUST: http://www.must.edu.mo, in China. The books cover such academic fields as Information and Technology Sciences, Political Administration, Law and Business, etc. The CALE team members will work on selection of the books and Macao University of Science and Technology will pay for the shipping charge. In an email from Mary Tan, Administrative Officer of MUST, she wrote, “The donation will certainly replenish the MUST current library and satisfy the needs of our readers.”

The used-book donation is a trial effort to establish the International scholarly exchange program and the team will continue the professional activities with other libraries in Asian countries. Thanks for the strong support of Friends of CSUS Library that made this program possible. The CALE team welcomes all the librarians and library staff who are interested in the program to join the team or to participate in the activities.

Carlos Rodriguez helped the team set up the email list in the library email server: @CSUS-Asian Libraries Exchange. Please contact the group if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.