Eva Jimenez Retires! 35 Years in the Making
By Rhonda Rios-Kravitz. Head, Access Services

When asked what her plans are for the futures, Eva stated she “is riding into the sunset”!! She leaves us all with many terrific memories, including now this engaging vision of her galloping away on a stallion to new adventures and sueños (dreams).

Eva began her career in the Library in 1967. She was hired as a Clerical Assistant II in Circulation under Taku Nimura and was promoted to a LA I two years later. In 1975 she “retired” to take care of her two sons. Three years later she returned to the university to a job in the Registrar’s Office. However, the Library was where her heart belonged and she came back as the Unit Head of RBR in 1980, replacing Dorothy Wooldridge. In 2002, she became a LA IV Lead.

Although we celebrate her retirement, many of us

who have had the privilege to work closely with her know that she is irreplaceable. Eva’s strong commitment to the Library was evident on a daily basis. She set exceptionally high standards for herself and always put forth that extra effort to ensure high quality work.

She earned the title “good people” in a very special way, particularly in her relationships with students, faculty, and staff. She inspired us and motivated us through her example and enthusiasm. For her employees, she made RBR feel like a home away from home, a safe place to work with respect and dignity. I remember stories of her bringing students home to live with her when they were temporarily homeless. I will also always relish memories of her wonderful parties and tables filled with homemade tamales and salads with secret recipes. But most of all, I will remember her kindness, commitment to students, and her generous giving spirit.

Eva, we all wish you the best and secretly hope that maybe this retirement will be like your first retirement from the campus and that you will return. But even if you only visit, your memories and visions will live a lifetime in our thoughts. Buena suerte! (Good luck!)