From the Editor...

As we reach the first anniversary of this F2F reincarnation, I wish to thank you for your support. Looking back in our first year of publication, I hope F2F has achieved the goal of covering part of the communication gap in our workplace. Of course there is still room for improvement and growth.

During these past weeks many of you attended a Strategic Planning session. An item that came up in my group was communication. Specifically the lack thereof. I know our Library Administration has received several ideas and comments about how to make this a “premier library” and obviously some ideas will take more time than others to implement. However, we have a publication that is meant to hear what is happening among us. So, rather than wait to hear the outcome of these sessions, I want to ask again that you communicate your ideas through F2F to see if we can accomplish change on our own. Although it was my desire to bring the F2F back, it’s really up to all of you to make it what it should be, a communication tool in our workplace. In a time where email dominates so much of our communication, there is still something to say for a good old-fashioned newsletter. So, for all of you that attended these sessions and expressed concern about communication among your library colleagues, I exhort you to not “wait and see” what our Administration does, but to take action yourselves. All of you need to be accountable just as you expect of the people on the 5th floor.

To begin, I ask to hear more from Department Heads about the ongoings and accomplishments of their department and staff. Obviously, this would not be a monthly activity for each and every Dept. Head but let’s hear from you more often and not just when a staff member retires (although very important – ¡Felicidades Eva!). There is also a sense that it is up to the Editor to collect information. While I have received several ideas from people, these ideas do not always come with joint participation. I don’t want this comment to make people shy away from giving me ideas; rather I invite involvement, better yet commitment from each and every one. Perhaps I am being too idealistic, my fault for believing in things such as community action, but you are my community and by being so I have expectations. We have been doing a pretty good job but I’m just asking for more involvement.

With this publication we close 2004 and I want to thank all of you, the readers. I also thank the well wishers that continue to encourage me with each issue. To B.J., Marianne, Kerry, Hong, Anne, Julie, Kurt, Carol G., Sheila, Charles, Fang, Elizabeth, Eileen, Ellen, Carlos, Maria, Alicia, Linda, Jennifer, Mary, Kim, Melissa, Rhonda, Kim, Charles, Eva, George, Terry, Fred and Tamara thank you for your contributions! A special thanks to Andy (and Bin – when Andy’s not there) for helping me in times of technological lapses. I am eternally grateful to Laura Archbold for her editing and her constant ear – thank you. This past year working with everyone has been great.

Finally, I’m not sure how long I can keep doing this – it requires me to stay on a schedule (and I hate schedules). And it even makes me ponder too much. I hope there is someone out there thinking they might be interested in taking on the job of editor, please come speak to me – let’s begin the mentoring.

So, as I close 2004, I wish all of you a “S’wonderful” 2005 and may your dreams and smiles live through the challenges ahead of us. Until then… Hasta la próxima y Feliz Año Nuevo, ed.